Vio Bonjour

Vio Bonjour

Sunday, 01 July 2018 02:15

Shopping Underwear Online Guidelines

Let's talk about all the pros and cons of online underwear shopping, and how to avoid major mistakes and pick up an online perfectly fitting bra. At once I will say that there is no definite way to choose a bra in an online store so that it surely suits you. Buying an online bra is a risk. I'll tell you how to reduce this risk and why some girls prefer to buy underwear on the Internet, and not in offline stores.

Monday, 06 March 2017 09:17

Under But Not Unnoticed.

Underwear ... Under … but not unnoticed … in beautiful, natural and comfortable underwear women feel more confident and attractive … just think, the underwear is able to change the look, mood, a person's manner of walking … yes, that's what you are hiding under the clothes, it’s what underwear can do for you … if you do not believe me, experiment:

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